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Warm greetings from our team! Mental health is a journey; let’s walk together. It is OK to not be OK. Our mission is to empower; such that everyone, everywhere should have someone to turn to in support of their mental health.


GYMHA Psychological First Aid (PFA) online course is finally here!

Psychological First Aid (PFA)


  • First line psychosocial support after a crisis event
  • What PFA is and is not
  • Who, when, and where of PFA
  • How to help responsibly
  • Action principles: Look~ Listen~ Link
  •   Things to say and do
  • Supporting those who likely need special attention
  • Self-care and team-care for helpers
  • PFA capacity building for disaster preparedness and response
  • PFA resources (translations, adaptations, online forums)

Exciting news at GYMHA!

Since the inception of Global Youth Mental Health Awareness (GYMHA) Incorporated, Australia, the not-for-profit organization, has never relented in raising awareness and improving youth emotional and mental health outcomes as well as making psychology a household term.

The GYMHAI is a global network of professionals whose aimed to empowers anyone, especially those youth experiencing psychological health problems, emotional turmoil, adjustment issues and concerns, with an endeavor to make psychology a household word without any stigma or prejudice.

Recently, GYMHA in preparation for its second annual Stress Management Summit has produced POLO shirts which will be globally distributed to members for a TOKEN. The polo represents the identity and image of GYMHA. In this light, members should lengthen their voluntary support by having a polo.

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By Katinda Ndola | Author of The Big Comeback

What’s Holding You Back?

5 Ways to Break Free from Negative Self Sabotage

What is fear and why does the “Power of Fear” control people’s lives and destinies?

I was on a cruise in the Pacific, the day I realized that fear was just an illusion; a notion that is real for most people yet made up.

I was basking in the sun while watching my son swim in the pool when a guy also watching his kids started a conversation with me. The typical formalities followed: Where are you from, what do you do for a living? As I chatted away, I asked the same questions, and he proudly said to me “I am a self-made millionaire”. That got me more interested. My next question to him was about how he got started? He quickly responded by saying “I figured out if it wasn’t going to kill me or cause any permanent bodily harm, what was there to lose really? So, I gave it a shot.” 

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Have you checked out our blog lately? GYMHA is determined to ensure that no one is left out as far as Mental Health is concerned. There’s so much information that will enhance your knowledge and perception about Mental Health, so much so that you gain basic skills you can share with someone going through Mental Health challenges.

Please visit our blog below and get inspired!


This Summit was the second of its kind. It took place on the 28th and 29th of August, 2021. Hosted by GYMHA and eYs Magazine International, the two powerful master classes saw over 60 speakers who shared their insights on stress management and other related topics. There were recitation of poems, dance, and musical performances. There was a vast amount of social media coverage with great impressions.

GYMHA continues working to increase the profile of stress awareness, campaigning against the stigma associated with stress and mental health issues and offering professional expertise and knowledge to manage stress.

Special thanks to the founder of eYs Magazine International, Jasmina Siderovski, GYMHA’s CEO and Founder, Prof. Jude Ediae, the Summit Convener Sandeep Nath, the planning committee, Summit moderators; Katinda Ndola and Mahmooda Khan for steering the two-day event, Master class moderators and all the speakers, the supporting organizations, volunteers and everyone that made the event a success.

We look forward to another great summit next year.


BY: Chap. Dr. Matthew Ngobua.

My intention here is not to engage in claims and counterclaims. Having been assigned as a ‘Spiritual Director’ with GYMHA, it is expedient to elucidate how Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care can employ spirituality to address mental health and wellbeing issues especially among the youths globally. 

I will therefore present the area of discussion as simple as possible without overindulging in an academic exercise. Our focus here is to consider the relationship between Spiritual Care and Psychological First Aid. The two concepts – Spiritual Care and Psychological First Aid – appear worlds apart but share a lot of benefits to humanity, especially those who are experiencing or have experienced trauma, crisis, emergencies, grieve, or broken heart syndrome.



  1. September 10th is marked every year as the world suicide prevention day. This year’s theme is Creating Hope through Action. The goal is to reach people who are struggling with suicide before it’s too late.

    Suicide is a major public health concern. It is ranked the leading cause of death among young people. Suicidal thoughts, much like mental health conditions, can affect anyone regardless of age, gender or background. In fact, suicide is often the result of an untreated mental health condition. Suicidal thoughts, although common, should not be considered normal and often indicate more serious issues.



1. GYMHA AGM and board election proposed date – 30th of October 2021 2. VicHealth Research fellowships: New funding opportunities

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  1. Translated resources for R U OK? Day

R U OK? has translated key resources you can use if you or someone you know would prefer to get information in a language other than English.

You can download here:

  1. Leadership development scholarships

This is the final call for women working in the health care sector to access leadership development scholarships in 2021. The final date for expressions of interest has been extended to September 24. Partial scholarships of $1000-$5000 per person are available for women in the health care sector. The scholarships will be used to assist women to undertake a range of leadership development programs commencing in 2021 and 2022.

  1. Orygen’s #chatsafe initiative has won Suicide Prevention Australia’s 2021 LiFE Award for innovation.

Read the full details at:


Allied health practitioners (contractors) headspace –

– Clinical implementation lead-

– Project manager –

– Executive assistant – research and knowledge translation

– Research assistant –

  1. Australians looking for support throughout the COVID-19 pandemic can access the Beyond Blue Coronavirus Well-being Support Service anytime via telephone at 1800 512 348 or online at


  1. Anyone experiencing distress can seek immediate advice and support through Lifeline (13 11 14), Kids Helpline (1800 55 1800), or the Government’s digital mental health gateway, Head to Health.


  1. If you are concerned about suicide, living with someone who is considering suicide, or bereaved by suicide, the Suicide Call Back Service is available at 1300 659 467 or


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