Time: 07: PM AEST


Saturday April 23, & Sunday, 24, 2022

The summit will help the participants to focus on developing effective coping strategies and manage life challenges, build an unshakable core of inner strength, and thrive in a challenging and constantly changing world.

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Guest Speakers Profile

Cr. Joseph Haweil

Councillor, Aitken Ward and Former Mayor
Hume City Council, Victoria Australia

Anthony Neale

GYMHA Chairperson, Governance, High Performance Wellbeing Organizational Consultant, Wellbeing Health Retreats.

Jasmina Siderovski

World Greatness Book Inductee, Chief Executive Officer, Editor-in-Chief, and Publisher eYs Magazine – Sydney, Australia

Mr Alan Woodward

Commissioner at the Australia Mental Health Commission and Former Director at Australia Suicide Prevention

Amadi Vivian Akuyoma

Deputy Chairperson and Volunteer Director at GYMHA

Mireille Toulekima

Commissioner at the Australia Mental Health Commission and Former Director at Australia Suicide Prevention

Seetha Sagaran

Personal Development Trainer, Lifestyle Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Author, Mentor


Prof. Carol Hullin

Digital Health and an advisor to the World Bank and the UN, Lecturer at University of Tasmania, Australia Artificial Intelligence Australia, Digital Health Professor at Centro de Innovación Digital Latinoamericano, Chile

Amb. Adigun Temitayo

President/Co-Founder at Wheels of Hope Rising Foundation, Nigeria Chairperson and Vice President of Africa Project Management and Development at the Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundation – United States

Dr Nasrin (Nas) Parsian

GYMHA Special Board Advisor and Founder at Dr Nas Inner Wellness

Deepshikha Tripathi Jha

Summit Chairperson – GYMHA Training Manager, Counselling Psychologist, Life-Coach, International Speaker, Humanitarian, Law of Attraction Practitioner, EFT and TFT Practitioner, CEO / Founder at Prayas, Project Director at Poornpeetham

Isabel Tendai Kachingamire

GYMHA Board member and Head of Content Development, Social Worker, Community Development, and Mental Health Advocate


Moderator – GYHMA Special Board Advisor, THE FOUNDER OF confidenceandselfesteem.co AND THE AUTHOR OF “THE BIG COMEBACK” BOOK

Amb. Nur Ahmed

Moderator  – Humanitarian, GYMHA Event Coordinator



Mahmooda Khan

Moderator  – Summit Moderator, GYMHA Ambassador, Chairperson at New Hope Foundation – Zimbabwe




Carolyne Nyarangi

Moderator – Co-founder and president of ICARE Sustainably International


Dr. Alka Mahajan

Moderator – Academician, Psychotherapist, Toastmaster, Global Speaker, Moderator, Radio Host


Lisa A. Jones

Co-founder, President & COO at Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundation , Resume, Academic CV and LinkedIn Profile Writer

Saviour Effiong

Clinical Psychologist, Social Media Coordinator, and GYMHA Ambassador

Kunle Pelemo

Global Goodwill Ambassador, Global Mental Health Strategist, Founder at Live And Not Die, CEO at Kuntrol HQ Int’l Ltd

Dr. Sathiya (Sam) Ramakrishnan

Coach & Consultant – SMB HEALTH

Dr. Rania Lanpou

GYMHA Assistant Training Manger, Global Educator, STEM Instructor, Greek Astronomy and Space Company (Annex Salamis), Greek Ministry of Education & Religious Affairs 


Prof (Dr.) Raj Kumar Singh

Dean (R&D) & HOD (Department of Commerce), Chairperson, Centre For Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Skill Development School of Management Sciences, Varanasi, India


Ngosa Bwalya

GYMHA Ambassador

Victor Perton

Chief Optimism Officer, The Centre for Optimism


Amb. Kibe Edwin Gitau

Certified Addictions Psychologist, Founding Director at Uhai Centre, GYMHA Ambassador



Amb. Blessing Obaniyi

CEO/Founder at Blessing Obaniyi Foundation (B.O Foundation)



Rev. Dr Madelaine Gomes MsC.D

Business Consultant/ Mentor/ Mindset Alchemist/ former Director of a Top 10 Company | International Motivational Speaker


Husseina Ojochenemi Abubakar

Telecommunications Engineer and GYMHA Assistant Volunteer Coordinator


Victoria Mupinde

GYMHA Assistant Director of Communication, Social Worker, mental health expert, Advocate, Author, Educator, and Global youth Ambassador

Dr. Nyarai Paweni

Naturopathic Physician and Co-founder at WIRED 2 love & thrive organisation

Larry A. Yff

Author of the “Your View Matters” book series



MAHANSA Chudi Ugwu a.k.a Eze Ngwókó

Enugu State Cultural Ambassador and Trophy Winner Nigeria International Song Festival (NISOFES ) 2000 and Principal Consultant at Elysian Entertainment Company.

Edith Wanyonyi

Counseling Psychologist and Community Development Practitioner

Dr. Igweshi Augustine

Executive director/Int’l President Center for Peace Advocacy and Sustainable Development (CEPASDAfrica)

Morset Billie

Creative enterprise consultant, Writer, and Spoken Word Artist, Events Director at Page Poetry Alive. Co-founder and Marketing Director at African Cradle

Chipo Juru

Paediatric Speech Pathologist, Victorian Multicultural Commission’s Regional Advisory Council Member

Amb. Shhreyaa Shetti

Founder and Lead Consultant at ELITE India Consulting



GYMHA Training Coordinator and Professional Dance Teacher

This FREE summit will help attendees Find the Mindset Tools to Overcome Challenges.

During this FREE 2-Day online summit, participants discover different ways of Finding the Mindset Tools to Overcome Challenges through presentations from experts including:

  • Understanding the nature and different levels of challenges
  • Highlight Major challenges affecting young people and their significant causes.
  • Youthful ways to find inner strength.
  • Train your brain.
  • When things go on unpredicted way.
  • Find your path even when everything seems dark and gloomy.
  • Positive mindset.
  • Youthful ways to find Responsibility.
  • Failure with a different perspective
  • Youthful ways to get unstuck.
  • You are not alone

Conclusion topic will be “you are not alone”. Even though we have challenges and stress, we need to know that being alone and dealing with all challenges is a challenge. We shall educate youth about keep their mindset tools handy and using them effectively as and when needed. In case of any further difficulty they can approach experts for help. Help and support are always available one just need to ask and seek when they are needed.