The Global youth mental health awareness (GYMHA) Incorporated, a registered Australian charity Vision was developed in response to the growing need to communicate and engage with professionals and the youth of the community, to tackle the issues associated with Children and Youth Mental Health, and the stigma associated with those individuals who may seek aid.

Our Vision

To make psychology a household term and to be an advocate for raising awareness and improving youth emotional and mental health outcomes.

What we want

We want a world where everyone, everywhere, can turn to someone who is able to support their mental health when needed.

Our values

the goal

Giving the youth of our community the vision to drive change and broaden the understanding that without good mental health we won’t have future leaders of tomorrow, an ensuring the functionality of our youth efforts and guide it source and unite all sectors of the allied health community to develop meaningful engaging support networks to communicate our project through state and federal agencies to ensure our projects success and to ensure financial resourcing is directed towards tangible and measurable outcomes.

Develop a project that is driven by a team of community youth members supported by state national and international professionals.

The youth of our community would be the immediate targeted group. It will largely engage the youths who are perceived to be as burden and non-productive members for the society. The liability of the youth will be judged by the extent of his relevance in the society as well as the interest shown by him/her towards the “GYMHA” Initiative” Project. The organization will search for most vulnerable youth members of the community and empower their potentials from which members are expected to complete the project successfully and satisfy the general public.

Improving access and equity, efforts to improve access should appropriately address the issues of regional and gender inequality. Underlying issues such as socio-cultural and religious affecting the youths must be addressed.

Professionals of different skills to effect positivity in the social status of the youth, Bureaucrats, Local opinion leaders, Media Workers, Civil Society Organizations, Local community would be directly involved prior to the behavioral problems of youth to effectively carry out this project.