Global youth mental health awareness (GYMHA) not-for-profit in collaboration with various local and international reputable organizations Presents Stress Management Revolutions Virtual summit 2020. 

This is a FREE virtual summit to give you the techniques you need to control the stress you experience in all areas of your life! The summit will help the participants to focus on how to manage stress and adversity, build an unshakable core of inner strength, and thrive in a challenging world.

About this Summit

The Stress Management Revolutions Summit is a stage that provides a perfect combination of brilliant science, an open environment and enables participants and speakers to focus effectively on the exchange of thoughts and relevant experiences that also encompasses the entire scope of Psychological and Neurological studies.

This is a FREE SUMMIT. But registration is essential.

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During this FREE summit, you’ll discover:

  • A deep understanding of how stress operates and how it impacts our emotions and our thought process and hijacks our day
  • A SIMPLE practice you can use immediately to reduce your stress and reactivity
  • Live musical performances and cultural dance
  • Through a process of retrospective learning you will master eight fundamental strengths that will not only improve your resilience but will also help you to regain joy into your life professionally and personally.
  • Understand the Causes of stress, why do you get stressed, why is it important to manage stress, Symptoms of stress, Chronic and circumstantial stress
  • Stress management techniques and stress management activities
  • Stress management in the workplace
  • Learn how to stay calm and in control when faced with challenging times and with difficult people
  • Be able to identify, manage and recover more quickly from challenges and adversity by learning 10 simple ways to help you become more resilient in the future
  • Skills that will allow you to better manage difficult situations and people by being able to control your own and other people’s emotions
  • learn how to protect your body from stress
  • develop greater mindfulness, compassion, and self-compassion
  • become more determined, confident, and courageous
  • learn about childhood adversity, its effects on lifelong health, and strategies for healing
  • gain insight into trauma and loss, and how to overcome them
  • learn ways to be more effective with others and at work
  • learn how to hardwire inner resources like self-worth, calm, and forgiveness into your nervous system
  • Learn about the different levels of stress, which ones are good for us, and which ones are not
  • Begin to build your resilience through a variety of strategies
  • Use control mechanisms to increase personal effectiveness and build resilience to manage stress
  • Build a personal resilience plan that you can apply to almost any situation
  • Learn and implement our 10 techniques to help you become more resilient.
  • A full Q & A session
  • A certificate to boast your resume (upon request).

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