By Chaplain Dr. Joy David SCC, CPC


The world and everything in it is experiencing brokenness, not in terms of sobriety for remorse for a positive change, but being broken in pieces due to the increase of evil and social vices.

Human beings are the worst hit of this condition; there is no one today who does not feel the pain and effect of this broken world. This has made life unbearable, unpleasant, and undesirable for many, thereby leading to more crises, social vices, crimes, suicidal thoughts, and actions, etc.

Due to the effect of this excruciating pain, the coping capacities of many people especially our young ones have gone too low or nonexistent. This has led many of our youths to engage in unwholesome activities (substance/chemical abuse, fraud, kidnapping, robbery, and other social vices) that are detrimental to their wholesome living and holistic lives.

This calls for serious concern.

What is Wholesomeness?

Wholesomeness is the quality of enjoying a sound health of mind and body. Looking at this definition, you will understand that the first task for one is to live a wholesome life which is beneficial and generally (physical, mental, emotional, psychological, social, etc) good for the individual.

In essence, it is to be the person you should be (the authentic you), that is beneficial and good to your very self. It is when you have benefited and enjoyed your life that you will be able to be of benefit to others. In GYMHA, the vision is to assist youths to live their best lives.

There is an old saying that, “You cannot give from an empty cup.” The cup, as your life, has both the internal and the external. The internal consists of the mind, emotion, spirit, and so on, while the external includes the body, social life, and more. Each of them needs to be holistically sane, sound, and healthy to enable you help others who are passing through any kind of difficult phase in life.

I enjoin us to make wholesome living our priority; it is not selfishness, it is self-care (self-compassion). Self-care is very important in living a wholesome life, take serious note of this.

The Wholesome Youths: Who are wholesome youths?

Wholesomeness means:

  1. To be sound or exhibit soundness in body, mind, and spirit. Note: The mind comprises of your thinking faculty and emotions.
  2. Having the characteristics of physical and moral wellbeing.
  3. To be incorrupt, nourishing, invigorated, salubrious, beneficial, etc.
  4. To be favourably disposed to good morals, positive religions, and prosperity.

Looking at the definition of wholesomeness, wholesome youths are:

  1. Youths who have worked on their total being (physical, mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual, social, environmental, etc.) to be holistically sound and healthy.
  2. Youths who exhibit soundness in every aspect of their lives.
  3. Youths who portray characteristics of physical, mental, social and moral wellbeing in every of their endeavours.
  4. Youths that cannot be influenced or corrupted. Wholesome youths never give themselves to bad wagons no matter the situation; they remain their authentic selves, even in the midst of appealing temptations. Why? Because they have a dignity to uphold!
  5. Youths who contribute positively to the total wellbeing of others.

If this is achieved; we’ll have a wonderful world!

In conclusion, our world needs wholesome youths. The world awaits your greatness and manifestation!

Watch out for the next edition, God willing.