Letter to Speakers


In these times of unprecedented human distress, I write to you with Hope. Hope for our next generation, to whom Global Youth Mental Health Awareness (GYMHA) Incorporated has been dedicated for the last couple of years.

I write with the Hope that it will delight you as much as it does us, that the 2nd Revolution of the Global Online Summit STRESS MANAGEMENT REVOLUTIONS is coming up in August 2021.

I am hopeful that YOU will choose to be a part of it.

Dates:                   August 28, 29 (Sat, Sun), 2021

Times:                   3 hours each day – in the evening/night for Australia

Format:                                Online, over Zoom

Fee:                       FREE pass for all sessions. Tickets for Masterclasses for Youth and Institutions

Purpose:             All participants will have a clear roadmap to recognize stress and to create conducive habits and environments to prevent it from destroying mental and physical health

How can you be involved?

You have been a torchbearer in your field and our team believes that your being a Speaker at the Summit (SMR21) will have an extremely beneficial effect on the audience. While we will work out the exact details of the timing and topic, I would like you to please confirm your availability for 1-hour, to be on an expert panel. The panelists will present for a few minutes each (only talks, no powerpoints) and will answer questions around related subjects.

We hope to have an early confirmation from you on being with us at this prestigious global event. The undersigned will be delighted to have a quick call to address your concerns if any.

Thanking you,



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About GYMHA (not-for-profit)

 Global Youth Mental Health Awareness (GYMHA) Incorporated is a global network of professionals whose vision is to make psychology a household term and to be an advocate for raising awareness and improving youth emotional and mental health outcomes. GYMHA aims to empower anyone, especially those experiencing psychological health problems, emotional turmoil, adjustment issues, and concerns, without any stigma or prejudice. As a not-for-profit, GYMHA partners with various local and international reputable organizations for its annual Stress Management Revolutions Summit. This is a sharing by renowned humanitarians, psychologists, neurologists, psychiatrists, allied health practitioners, political leaders, community leaders, youth activists, artists, and researchers. With over 1000 registrants in its 1st revolution in 2020, this year we’re anticipating 1500 participants including youths and  industry professionals from all parts of the world.