Secrets to fostering engagement and teamwork all year long By Dr. Mahima Bakshi

Dr. Mahima reveals the secrets to fostering engagement and teamwork all year long. Discover the key activities that promote meaningful connections and prioritize mental health.

1. Start your day by bonding with others through open communication. Share your feelings and experiences, building a strong connection from the start.

2. Eating meals together is not only a shared activity but also a way to exchange energy and foster bonds. Whether at home, work, or school, make it a priority to eat together.

3. Engage in recreational activities such as painting, writing, or puzzles as a team. This not only strengthens bonds but also serves as therapy for the mind and improves mental health.

4. Participating in sports brings out the spirit of sportsmanship while deepening relationships and understanding among teammates. Regularly engaging in sports activities leads to better engagement and bonding.

5. Lastly, engage in exercise therapy together, whether it’s yoga, jogging, cycling, or dancing. Team fitness activities promote physical and mental well-being while strengthening bonds.

By following these five tips throughout the year, you will foster stronger relationships, positive energy exchange, and take care of your mental health. Stay happy! #teamwork #engagement #mentalhealth