Anthony Neale – Chairperson

Anthony Neale is an experienced mental health advocate and GYMHA’s Chairperson. He brings to the board his passion for wellbeing, integrity and past boardroom experiences.

He has been the CEO of Wellbeing Health Retreats since 2012. He designs wellbeing programs for organisations and individuals. He also works part time as a developer consultant for Pentana, a software company servicing the car industry.

Anthony Neale is currently serving at Virtues Project International as the HR Chair.  For 6 years, he had roles of Governance Chair and Strategic Advisor.

In the past, he served as a board member for Project Mgt Institute, Melbourne Chapter as Volunteer Director, and Virtues Companions Inc as secretary for 4 years.

Anthony Neale has 35 years of experience in the corporate sector as a Project Manager and IT consultant.


Amadi Vivian Akuyoma – Deputy Chairperson

Amadi Vivian Akuyoma is a highly-trained and motivated administrative assistant with several years of experience providing clerical support to executive professionals. She is a qualified economic expert with proficiency in religious languages, such as Hebrew and Greek.

Akuyoma provides executives with a consistently updated calendar of events, schedule all meetings, and apply time-management skills to complete executive reports and other clerical tasks.

She was a Media & Communication director at African Transformer Institute (ATI). She was also a Publicity Secretary at Centre for Peace Advocacy and Sustainable Development (CEPASDAfrica).

Amadi Vivian Akuyoma is passionate about rediscovering and restoring the beauty of human beings. She is an Ambassadorial Director at Global Youth Engagement Model United Nation (GYEMUN).


She is a member of Global Youth Movement against Gender Based Violence. Her strong passion in serving humanity led her to joining several Non-governmental Organizations in the last 12 years in which she voluntarily offers her service to humanity.

She is a Multicultural Award winner and was awarded a certificate of honour for spreading the messages of love, tolerance, peace, and human value among all components of the society.


Sandeep Nath – Fund Development & Partnerships Director

Sandeep Nath is an engineer. He is a Management post-graduate from one of India’s premier institutions and has over 30 years of experience across the corporate world, rural entrepreneurship, women’s empowerment, communications, and branding. He is a distinguished and internationally acclaimed author, speaker, and coach, who has delivered talks and workshops in 46 cities across 4 continents.


His expertise lies in using ancient oriental wisdom to eliminate stress and other complexities of modern business and lifestyle. As the founder of RENEWALism Movement, Sandeep is on a crusade against stress.

Having spent several months in Himalayan monasteries, he is deeply involved with practices of Tibetan Buddhism, Zen, Vedic philosophies and Qi. He is a certified Reiki Master, Mindfulness Guide, Qigong Instructor and Belief Clearing Coach.


Toli Papadopoulos – Public Officer, Communication & Website Strategies Director

Toli Papadopoulos has a Masters in Journalism. He worked in the communication department in the public sector. Through the government agency Infrastructure, Victoria, he is involved in supporting community services.

In 2019, he mentored young people as part of AMES Australia – which provided English training, employment services, community engagement and settlement to migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers.

Over the past few years, he has supported GYMHA as a public officer, performing tasks such as updating the official website, social media handles, reviewing and editing the newsletter and writing a column to support GYMHA newsletter.



Mohamed Semra – Education and Training Director

Mohamed Semra is a Co-Founder at Endeavour Youth, Australia, a social entrepreneur and award-winning advocate working to shatter stigma and misconceptions surrounding migrants and refugees.

As someone who migrated to Australia at a young age, he has overcome many challenges, including learning English and surmounting severe stutter. He spent five years working in the community; working with different organizations to tackle racism, founding Endeavour Youth, Australia, and running for local offices. All these indeed gave him lots of exposure and experience.

Sharing his story and the resilience gained from it will inspire young people to become leaders and challenge the negative stereotypes they often face.


Isabel Tendai Kachingamire – Content Development, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn Director

Isabel is a qualified Social Worker. She is currently pursuing a Degree in Development Studies at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa. She is a Social Worker, Community Developer, and Mental Health Advocate.

She volunteered in different Human Service Organizations during her undergraduate program. She has skills in Community Development, Group Facilitation, and one-on-one Counselling.

She has experience in working with community groups to explore their needs and strengths, as well as implement projects that meet these needs. She also worked in a girls and boys initiative where she facilitated mental health support groups for teenagers.

She has also been invited at various events organised to facilitate community conversations between children and their parents around their needs and challenges.

Being someone who suffered from mental health issues in her teenage years, she has made it her personal passion to educate parents and children on the importance of mental health support.

She’s constantly looking for an organization where she can use her skills to impact people all over the world.

Javier Guillen Gil – Secretary, Research and Grant Application Director

Javier Guillen Gil has built an extensive record of successful projects and business activities. With his experience and ability in multi-tasking, he is very proactive especially within cross-functional projects and global teams.

He is a former director of the Spinning Marathon that took place in Valencia, Spain, in 2010. He organised a One-week indoor marathon spinning cycle fundraising in support of breast cancer in 2021.

He has served as a Project Management Institute (PMI) volunteer and a member of the PMI since 2013.

Javier Guillen Gil gave his volunteering services in Melbourne, Australia as mentor for kids with cerebral palsy in the Cerebral Palsy Support Network.


JOSHUA OGBONNA UCHENNA – Treasurer, and Information Technology (IT) Director

Joshua Ogbonna Uchenna holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science. He has programming, web design, networking, and graphics skills.

He has a wealth of working experience in the ICT sector where he gained familiarity and practical demonstration in managing ICT units of companies like International GozTech Realities, Track Watch Network, QESH Standards Limited and others.

He served GYMHA as the Head of IT where his contributions added value to the overall growth of GYMHA in the past few months.

He is driven by passion in serving humanity in a positive perspective. It is interesting that his services in non-profit sectors have earned him awards and portfolios in the past three years.

He has volunteered and worked for Centre for Peace Advocacy and Sustainable Development CEPASD, Enene Akonjom Foundation, African Transformer Institute. Uchenna currently founded an NGO initiative, Cyber Peace Advocacy.



LEE-ANN ARDHIMA MINAKIUM is an energetic and passionate humanitarian, serving in various Non-Governmental Organizations and Non-Profit Foundations as well as Foundations of his own.

His love for children inspired his passion for seeking the safety and well-being of all children. Minakium has networked with His Excellency, Dr Nasim Salah, to form a relationship with his Foundation, Peace International Academy for Peace and Human Rights to advocate human rights, in Egypt and abroad.

His hunger for Justice inspired him to work hand in hand with The Honourable Lee Clegg and be part of his team of World Martial to advocate Justice in all corners of the world.

His desire to fight corruption and greed and promote good governance has inspired him to work with Prof John Mbuya with the Institute of Anti-Corruption in Africa, and together they are co-writing a book titled “Anti-corruption Strategies” to educate and empower people and stop corruption.

His vision as Founder and Ambassador of WJSP is to ensure Projects on the ground are free of corruption, greed and self-serving interests and that the beneficiaries of such projects are reached and engaged.

His passion as a Country Ambassador in South Africa is working together to promote human rights for all people in every corner of South Africa, allowing humanity to flow through so that equality, mutual respect, safety, peace and justice is enjoyed by all.


Chaplain Dr. Joy David-Mike – Board Member

Chaplain Dr. Joy David-Mike is a Clergy and Chaplain with ThD, DMin in Chaplaincy Education and BA in Mission.

Dr. Joy specializes in Pastoral care and counselling, Addiction (psychedelic) counselling, Marriage/family counselling, Psych-spiritual care and therapy.

She is involved in humane and humanizing ministry that focus on helping people deal with traumas, crisis, and difficult situations life may present them with.

Chaplain Dr. Joy David-Mike also help people develop coping capacity in difficult situations and help them navigate through positively, thriving without destroying themselves, or causing harm to others.