Every 40 seconds, at least one person dies by suicide globally. According to the World Health Organization, about 500,000 people die by suicide globally. The majority of the deaths by suicide are comprised of young people between ages 15 and 35.

Causes of youth suicide vary but are mostly attributed to abuse (physical, sexual or emotional), Post-traumatic stress disorder  (PTSD), bullying, sexual harassment, depression, academic stress, financial stress, poor family patterns, failed relationships and/or identity crisis.

While the majority of young people look at suicide as the only way out in ending prolonged pain, suicide should NOT be an option. We at GYMHA are committed to building a strong emotional system for young people to enable them to build resilience. Resilience is what makes an individual fight depression and win the battle against suicide.

Suicide is preventable and can be averted. However, for suicide to be completely averted, individuals, governments and organizations play a very major role. Each of them needs to play their part.

Can suicide be managed? Yes, suicide can be managed or controlled. One needs to take deliberate steps in watching closely the information they allow to reach them, seeking help and subscribing to platforms like GYMHA. This will help individuals understand some of the symptoms of suicide and identify their triggers.

Are you feeling alone, depressed, low, extreme sadness, anxious, frustrated, disappointed or are you feeling like a failure? Please do subscribe to our online platforms and request to speak to a therapist. You are not alone! Seek help today!