Iconic Music Therapist for Outstanding Contribution in Spreading Mental Health Awareness – Roshan Mansukhani

Roshan Mansukhani believes it’s ok to not be at your best all the time. We all experience lows in life and that’s when we must not give up. As he says our mental health is as vital as our physical health. We must take charge of self and there’s no harm in taking help from a motivational counsellor. Structured music therapy helps us revisit those moments that cause us discomfort, anxiety, stress, fear, phobias and depression. It makes you cope with confidence and independence. Music therapy doesn’t judge you. It listens to you. It builds you so you can face your fears and addictions head on. It has no side-effects and works at your pace. His first Mantra is a happy mind equals to a happy body and his 2nd Mantra is that life is simple, it’s we who complicate it. Destress, de-addict and be confident with music therapy. Roshan Mansukhani is a music therapist, a motivational counsellor, a TEDx speaker and a speaker at corporate spaces on mental health issues and stress management. Music-A Holistic Heal 9820055393 / 7400032222 connect@roshanmansukhani.com