How to Turn Your Passion Into Profit By Mr. Temitayo Adigun

As we delve into today’s topic, I feel a surge of excitement flowing through my veins. Allow me to challenge each and every one of you to explore your inner selves. What truly ignites your passion? That’s the fundamental question of my presentation. Once you’ve identified your deepest passion, ask yourself, “Am I giving it my all?” Today, I urge you to reflect upon the value you bring to the table. It goes far beyond merely securing a job or volunteering for an organization. It’s about making a difference. Value precedes profitability. By incorporating value into any environment, be it psychological, mental, or moral, we can elevate ourselves, just as the esteemed speakers before me have attested. Take Pierre, for example, who transformed from a physics professor into a business strategist. It’s all about value.

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