February 14th is World Epilepsy Day. Epilepsy is a brain disorder that has many misconceptions.  A misconception of epilepsy is that it is a curse and one can get it by sharing utensils with an epileptic patient. This is because of the little knowledge acquired on epilepsy. Little or no knowledge is known about epilepsy and its treatment options. Poor countries battle with this disorder due to few specialized personnel who can treat this kind of disorder.

Epilepsy is a brain disorder that occurs when electrical activity in the brain comes to a standstill. This can either occur in one part of the brain or in the entire brain. The sudden stop or stand-still in electrical activity in the brain is witnessed through seizures.

Seizures are categorized into two; partial or general seizures.

A partial seizure is that which occurs when a person experiences a sudden fall and immediately loses consciousness. This fall is not accompanied by convulsions. General seizures, on the other hand, affect the entire brain and are usually accompanied by convulsions. For one to be diagnosed with epilepsy one must experience at least two seizures in 24 hours. Epilepsy can occur through a traumatic experience. It is also hereditary. Anyone can get epilepsy.

Can epilepsy be managed? Yes, it can! You can manage epilepsy consistently adhering to medication, therapy and unlearning and learning your triggers.