Have your done inventory on your headspace lately? What do you allow in your head? How much space do you have left for really important things?

Are you constantly fighting battles in your head that doesn’t even exist? Are you allowing toxic people to live rent free in your brain?

I decided years ago that I will only allow certain things take up space in my head. Last year, I made a mistake by allowing random things clog my headspace and I paid for it dearly.

The capacity of your brain space determines your quality of life. It determines your quality of health. It also determines your level of wealth.

Most people focus on being physically healthy or wealthy, and totally neglect their mental health.

I trained myself to have selective memory. I choose what I want to remember. I don’t clog my brain with some random events (good or bad), neither do I keep tabs of inconsequential arguments. I tend to lose arguments because I never remember what the person said or did that led to the initial argument. It is a defense mechanism that helps me forgive and move on easily.

Prioritize what you think about. Don’t linger on trivial thoughts. Determine what matters and what doesn’t. Don’t be a dumping ground for garbage thoughts. Use your brain space wisely. Don’t dwell on unnecessary things and talks that can’t and won’t advance you. Pray. Listen to your inner voice and be constantly aware of your brain space and how you use it.